The DOUG MALEAR Born Again Christian Testimony: Part 1 of 3

The DOUG MALEAR Born Again Christian Testimony:  Part 1 of 3

Have you defined your purpose for living? In other words, have you given it much thought as to WHY God gave you a chance to live on this planet?

Most people have no clue as to WHY God gave them a chance to live here. It is not that He wants it some big secret either. <br />

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If you have never been confronted with this, we do not want you to live your whole life without ever hearing this. The reason God gave you a life to live on this planet is to see what you will do with it.

What God REALLY HOPES you will do is use your life to glorify Him. People who have come to realize there is no greater purpose than to diligently find ways to glorify God are ones God is going to bless through all eternity. Why so? Because these are the ones who can be trusted with greater responsibility than anyone else. They may not see a lot of monetary compensation nor accolades of praise, but it is forming something in them more treasured to God than all the monetary wealth this world could give a person. What IS that treasure God sees as so priceless? Godly CHARACTER.

Why is Godly character so treasured by the Creator? There are a lot of reasons, but one that comes to mind right now is the fact that the Bible promises that those who give themselves over totally to the Lordship of Jesus Christ are going to co-reign with Him through eternity. We have very little understanding of what that all means, but we CAN know this, because the Bible clearly states it. Those who are qualified to co-reign with Jesus Christ through eternity will receive JOY beyond comprehension, at least in this life.

So ask yourself a very important question. Just what are you willing to give up, to be the BEST of the BEST for God?

Aside from everything you may think about Jesus Christ, if you have ever read any of the Bible, it should become quite clear that Jesus did not live for Himself. His purp