WHY I WANTED TO BE A BOY: The CARLA HARSHMAN Christian Testimony: Part 3 of 4

Carla Harshman had her reasons for wanting to be a boy at a young age. In growing older, she found acceptance for who she felt she WAS from Lesbians, as so many of them could identify with her feelings, coming from fractured emotions of their own coming up through life.

Carla testifying is a continuation of the 4-Part series titled: UNDERSTANDING REASONS FOR BEING GAY - LESBIAN. David Kyle Foster provides in Part 1 and Part 2 some valuable insights into WHY gays and lesbians grow up becoming who they become. To access David Kyle Foster, simply go to GOOGLE and either type in his name, or type in: TESTIMONY DIRECTORY. Once that pops up, simply scroll down to his name.

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