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Abortion, Mercy Killing, Rape, and Illness

An important and unque look into abortion. At conception a unique being is created that will never be seen again. A baby's heart starts beating 18-24 days after conception. At 5-6 weeks fingers and toes are developed.

Regarding Rape, Incest, and the life of the mother------- I, myself, was pro-choice for years. I felt that it was wrong as simply a from of birth control, but that in the hard cases it should be allowed. The thing to remember, however, is that in cases such as rape and incest, the child conceived is still present... Rape and incest are some of the worst, most violating, harmful events a woman can go through. No one can ever justify them. However, the life conceived in this horrible act is innocent. The rapist often gets away or is given jail time. His child is given the death penalty.......No woman should ever have to make that choice. No woman should ever be violated against her will. But the biology--the life--of the baby conceived is no different than any other baby conceived. Also, many women who have an abortion after a rape still feel immense regret and go through the same feelings of rape as they go through the painful act of abortion. Many women who allow the child to live feel that they have been able to rise above the evil act of rape by having their child. Nearly 1% of women getting abortions have been raped and we must always show them love and care, but if you realize that the child is a human being how can killing him or her make the rapist act less painful?................And those instances where the mother's life is actually in danger�where the baby or her will die--usually only occur at 5 months gestation or after where, if the baby was delivered and not killed through abortion, he or she would have a least a chance at living.~~~I do realize that other instances, such as an ectopic pregnancy--where there is no chance of survival for the baby and the mother's life is in danger-- require different attention. In these cases th

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