Dall - A Visit to Valdese: Symphonic Film with Waldensian hymns

Art/music. A visit to the "must-see" Waldensian community of Valdese, NC, established in the late 19th century by the free Christians of France who survived centuries of persecution to find refuge in Northern Italy. Melodies of Waldensian hymn-tunes are featured. Images of the fine local museum, outdoor park and theatre and winery.

The Waldensians have intriguing links to the Orthodox-based groups such the Czech (Moravian) church by sharing a focus on Freedom of Conscience and non-dogmatic cooperative practices. The democratic mainstream of Europe was suppressed in the 1600s, era of Bishop Comenius. The Moravian church was founded by Greek brothers Cyril and Methodius about 800 AD. In American, John Wesley, a Moravian missionary, named his new church after Methodius. Baptists and others mis-called Protestants share these outlooks and a common origin. In NC, Waldensians allied with the Presbyterian church for its democratic practices.

Produced, created and composed by Dall Wilson. Project available as 11x17 gallery stills, HD video DVD, book of images, book of orchestra score

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