Antestor- Jesus Saves

Antestor- Jesus Saves

This is one of my favoirte Antestor songs, because it send the salvation message, here are the lyrics, read then while you listen to the song

A best rose from the sea

it started to blaspheme

You watch out, satan might get you

He will never let you go

Jesus can help, He has won

He is the Messiah

in Him you must belive

Don't let satan treat you as a friend

Satan comes to collect his souls

Jesus saves you if you want to

It's up to you to make the choice

give your life to Jesus Christ

Jesus is the one and only

He was crucified for your life

You got to have faith in the Lord

He'll save you from eternal death

give your life to Jesus Christ

You've got a choice, that you must make

It's up to you, to live or die