How The World Has Grown

An ode to modern times, the credit crunch, societal greed and the madness that’s driven western society to the point where we’re now classifying the middle class whose buying power had created our ostentatious wealth as “The New Poor”. If the western middle class is history then this is an ode to what I believe were some of the best and worst of the middle class fragments, philosophies and traces that I absorbed, growing up in a time of unprecedented wealth and prosperity in the land of North America.

By the way, I penned this song a month before a faulty Honda air bag deployed and blew loads of shrapnel into my right arm. I received the recall letter for the airbag in this ten year old car in the mail, one month after my accident and surgeries. I’ve since recovered and can still thankfully tinkle on the 88 keys, with my nimble fingers of course.

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