Mighty God of Miracles

Dedicated to Barbara Noel....Mighty God of Miracles is a heartfelt vocal recording with comforting piano choral sounds, talks about how Holy, Mighty and Awesome God is. Philip passionately sings about his desire to Give God all the Glory. The song was birthed in prayer.
Completion, is a miracle in itself,. The sudden going to be with the Lord, of Philips wife meant everything was suspended for 15 months. The song is dedicated to Barbara Noel, a woman of virtue. Together for 25 years she was through God my inspiration and the 5 children we had together...God is a god of miracles and this song captures the grace that is offered to all men through his son Jesus Christ. Join us as we give God glory in song.
Lead Vocals Philip Noel, Keyboards Ronnie Francis, Backing Vocals, Samara Noel, Chanel Noel, Jordan Noel, Bass Guitar & Drums Philip Noel, Produced by Philip Noel for Soul 100 Records....Download from all the usual places

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