We Are the Sound - The Afters

Artist - The Afters

Song - We Are the Sound

Album - Never Going Back to OK


Now is the time we have

Take it, never give it back

Say what you mean to say

This could be your only chance

Everybody's watching out

For someone who can show them how

To be what they wanna be and

Stand never backing down

Here we are

Here we are

We are the sound

We are the siren

We're all around

And we won't stop singing it out

Shout it out

Like you believe it

We'll break it down

When we all start singing it out

Shout it out now

Silence is an enemy

That keeps us from the things we need

It ages but it never grows

So quiet that we start to bleed

Lets shake it off and let it go

Forgetting what we think we know

We'll make it all a memory

We're taking back control

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