Be Mine - Received December 29, 2009

Be Mine – Received December 29, 2009

I am jealous for My children. I bought you out of love with the ultimate price. I gave My life for you so that you can be Mine and Mine alone. You are a temple of My Holy Spirit. Be thankful that you can be Mine.

My child, seek first My Kingdom and My righteousness and all the other things I will add unto you. I am faithful and will never fail you. I am better than any earthly father could ever be. Trust Me, I will work out all things for you, because you are Mine. You will experience My goodness so that your joy will be full.

Come and spend time in My presence, show Me that you love Me with all your heart and that nothing in this world is more important than to be with Me. My child, everything on this earth belongs to Me, I am the Creator of heaven and earth. I know the end from the beginning. Let nothing come in between us, I must be your first love and the most important One in your life. Love nothing more than Me. I test every one of My children to see if they will be faithful to Me to be Mine and Mine alone.

My child follow My guidance and leading willfully so that I can use you for My purpose, to accomplish what I have planned for you for this time in My Kingdom. You are unique, specially chosen, set apart to be Mine for this time. You will never be disappointed that you have chosen to be Mine, part of My everlasting Kingdom. I will reward each and every one of My beloved children at the end. Be Mine and stay Mine right to the end.

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