The Most Unique Book About Horse Training Lukas is a Guinness World Record Holder (Most numbers identified by a horse in one minute: 19) and the World's Smartest Horse according to the World Records Academy. The California Legislature sent me an award certificate to congratulate me for my hard work. I can spell, count, identify shapes, discriminate colors and I understand the concepts of spatial relationships, object permanence, proportion, same/different and absentness. Lukas is also considered one of the top liberty horses in the country (Karen doesn't even own a whip) and some of my favorite moves are bow, curtsy, sit, Spanish Walk (forward and backward), fetch, catch, passage and rear.

Lukas loves children and wants to make a difference in how the world thinks about (and treats!) animals (and each other) by showing them the happy results of kind training and how smart and wonderful animals are.

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