WWJD? - Feed The Hungry - Experiencia D4

It's true that Jesus did miracles. In the Bible we see dozens of them and His hand is still as strong as it was 2,000 years ago! Nevertheless, we can't lose focus from the fact that more than doing miracles, He is the miracle! He comes into our lives to give us the miracle of salvation, joy, and abundant life. He makes a very notable difference in our lives, as notable as the difference between a Twinkie and a Hot Pocket. Jesus is in the constant search to keep on performing miracles, but this time through you and me. To many people we can be the miracle that makes a difference in their lives. When was the last time that your car's battery died in a parking lot late at night and somebody came along to help you jumpstart your car? Imagine, that person's timing is so precise that you can almost see them wearing a tunic and a pair of wings... a miracle!

Matthew 25:40

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