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�Can I have my own shoes that will keep my feet warm and will protect me from the sticky mud and the garbage that is all around?� � it is not a question we ask ourselves, isn�t it? However, it is not so with the children from the Gypsy neighbourhoods that we look after. For them having any shoes, clothes and food is part of their daily struggle for survival. They are left to be brought up by their weak grandmothers, by their older brothers and sisters or they are just left to their destiny�

This is the reason the Mission Possible, Bulgaria team tries to help them in any possible way. Starting soup kitchens for the winter period, finding clothes and shoes for the children and helping them to continue their education are activities that bring joy and satisfaction to our team.


�One day I will have my own family and I will take care of them� and I will take care of my grandparents because they are the only people who love me.� That is how Emo sees his future and dreams for a real family. Emo�s father died when he was a baby and shortly after that his mother got married again, left him and hasn�t seen him since. Now this abandoned child lives with his old grandparents who cannot even give him enough food. That is why Emo eats at the soup kitchen at the church in Ihtiman and he wears someone else�s frayed clothes. He is wearing big, old and torn shoes that were cut into some kind of slippers that were probably taken from the garbage. Very often that is the only place these children get dressed from. But the saddest think is to see the insult in the boy�s eyes. It is there even when he plays with the other children. We saw a ray of joy only when he was taking off his decayed by water and mud old shoes in order to put on the new ones that we were giving to the children from the soup kitchen.
Emo looked shyly aside and for the first time since we have known him he tried to smile� �Thank you!�
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