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Emptied and Used - Tyler Price

I wrote this song a few days ago. I describe it a little bit in the intro, but my desire is that we will realize that being half-hearted when it comes to Christ is just not enough.


This is a song for all you half-hearted preachers

Missionaries, youth, music, children's small group teachers

You aint fittin the rule book that God gave his people

Instead you bowin to the flesh and givin in to the evil one

More concerned with your paycheck and personal goals

Like buyin a tv, paintin ur house and wearin brand new clothes

We're givin our hearts at least in part to this mist of a life

Tradin Jesus and His love for a first class flight

We're losin sight of the Christ now we're abandonin truth

Sayin truth is relative like it depends on you

That's heresy you see, son, you're misleadin your flock

You betta get outta that pulpit and start standin on the Rock

Of Christ, come make Him first in your life,

His Word is sharper than a knife and sure to cut through ur pain and strife

Yeah, He wants ya just as you are

So pick up that bed and walk and show the world His healin scars


Cuz you (falsetto) can't serve... two masters

Cuz you (falsetto) will always prefer

One over the other and don't you know it's true?

Give all yourself to be emptied and used


Wolf in sheeps clothes but a preacher by title

He's livin like the world but he's prayin for revival

Sayin everybody follow me I'll take ya where you wanna go

But you gotta be lead by the Head or the body won't know

And you can fake it all day long and you can act so strong

But if an intimate God isn't the one thing you long for

You aint, fit to shepherd this flock,

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