The Reason Why.

May God's Peace and Blessings be with you all.

This Program is entitled "Reason" and Islam is a religion of reason, one of the basic principles of Islam is stated in the second chapter of the Holy Qur'an; "There should never ever be any compulsion in the religion" because religions should be deep within the hearts and minds of people, you can not impose the religion from outside. If you try to impose it, you are going to change people into Hypocrites, and Islam does not like Hypocrisy or Hypocrites.

Another statement from al Qur'an "You are free to chose your own religion and we are free to chose ours" , And Muslims has always lived with other beliefs, Leaving this choice to be a personal choice without any imposition. But despite of this fact, we have to show what we have with others in a very brotherly friendly Intelligent kind way, and hence this program. We have to reason with others the the beauty of Islam and explain it to them without any imposition.

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