Back In My Life

"Back In My Life" is a song written by Jim a few years back, and it is on the "Steps of Faith" CD. He used to refer to this song as his witness song. It is real, it's what he was going through at the time...actually, several times.

The song was recently filmed by Wally in the Hanson Harmonies Healing Garden in Lake Tahoe, Zephyr Cove area. Jim and Pat have been nurturing the Healing Garden, in their back yard for years, and many people have gone through the Healing Process there.

Pat is the artist who has painted several of our CD covers and labels. Assisting on the DVD with Jim are, Pat, Wally, Chris, and Sydney (the Healing Dog).

Produced by Hanson Music Studios, Las Vegas, NV and Sponsored by Hanson Harmonies, Lake Tahoe.

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