Promise Keepers 2009 Boulder, Colorado

Promise Keepers 2009 Boulder, Colorado

Gracie & Diane Dike, Ph.D.

Second Chance with Saving Grace, Non-profit outreach!

PO Box 673, Eagle, CO 81631

[email protected]

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Bio: Dr. Diane Dike is an award-winning author, speaker, singer and licensed reverend who is known for being inspirational, humorous, dynamic, and joyful. She is a radio show host, regularly writes for a wide variety of magazines and appears on nationally syndicated radio and television broadcasts. She has been front page news in newspapers, on the world-wide web and in magazines across America. Diane is the Founder/President of Second Chance with Saving Grace. SCwSG is a non-profit 501c(3) organization that reaches out to the "least of these," including hurting people and animals wherever they may be found. SCwSG impacts the world by focusing on serving, equipping, empowering and encouraging everyone to be all God created them to be. They visit schools, churches, children's hospitals, prisoners, civic organizations, wherever there is a need, delivering an inspiring message of Hope with Love Kits of Encouragement!

All age groups connect with Diane who knows what it is to be broken, homele ss and hopeless. She was an elite athlete, professor, special education teacher and coach but in her twenties, Diane was diagnosed with a debilitating and incurable blood disease called cryoglobulinemia vasculitis. Pain became her constant companion. She was devastated and lost all that was important to her. Thinking she was better off dead than disabled she contemplated suicide. However, in the midst of her despair, Diane received the transforming love of Jesus. Through this experience she learned the secret to happiness and that God still has a purpose and plan for her life even if her body is broken. She is an expert in perseverance and overcoming seeming