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Prophecy Warn the people! – Received August 14, 2009

Prophecy Warn the people! – Received August 14, 2009

Many are asking why is it that I want to destroy this world if I am a loving God, the Creator of it all?

It is not My will that any one should perish, but that all will come to repentance and have eternal life. But it is men's own iniquities that will punish and destroy them. They bring turmoil upon themselves for rejecting Me the only Living God.

I let My servants rise early and stay up late to warn the people in this wicked world, but they are not listening. Few take heed. I warn them to repent, to humble themselves before Me, to pray, to seek Me. To turn away from all their wicked ways and deeds, to become holy, to listen and obey My voice. Then will I hear and forgive them and relent of bringing My wrath on them.

Every one chooses for themselves to be wicked, filthy, disobedient and rebellious. I will excuse no one if they do not repent in time. I am a Holy and a righteous God. I change not.

Men forget who I am, they have no fear for Me. I am God Almighty, I am not mocked by anyone. Whatever a man sows that he will also reap. I am in control and nothing can be hidden from Me. I am the Judge who will judge in truth and righteousness.

Fear Me and seek My favor while there is still time, before it will be forever too late. Today, now is time for mercy tomorrow might be too late. I am with those who follow Me. Those who seek Me will find Me and those who forsake Me, I will also forsake.

I will pour out My fury on this earth more and more like never seen before and I will use whatever and who I want and when I want. Who will stop My hand? Enough is enough. I will mock those who mock Me. I know, I see and I hear everything. There will be no peace without Me, but great turmoil.

Warn the people of this wicked world to repent in time because I will pour out

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