Not Any Day in Seven is Sabbath pt2 of 5

This video in the Sabbath series seeks to answer why we cannot choose our own Sabbath; that it can be any day in seven. Points discussed to refute this erred concept include:
\r\n1)Even Sabbath-keepers worship God every day of the week, that doesnt mean Sabbath can be every day.
\r\n2)Commandment-keeping is not legalism. Christ repeatedly talked about keeping the Law, of which Sabbath is part.
\r\n3)Contextually speaking, there is no place in scripture that says we can invent our own Sabbath by simply keeping one day in seven.
\r\n4)The Apostle Paul was Torah-observant Christian and did not teach that the Law was done away with.
\r\n5)God did not leave it up to man to decide for himself which day to keep holy. Not only is it impossible for man to make anything holy but Gods Sabbath Commandment accounts for EVERY day of the week.
\r\nThere are many Bible passages, commentaries by various denominations, dictionary definitions, as well as historical citations given in this video. I invite you to pause the video if you need to gather and verify my sources.

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