Hinder - Received November 23, 2009

Hinder - Received November 23, 2009

My child do not allow any one or anything to hinder you, run the race to complete it successfully. Do not be distracted, you will never be disappointed and it will be worth it. The end is coming, you must endure to the end to receive the prize.

Bring all the hindrances to Me, I am able to help you with each one of them, but you must ask for help. I am your Helper, Sustainer without Me you can do nothing. First get rid of all the hindrances, then you will be able to continue and do what you must do for My Kingdom. You cannot do My will and please Me with hindrances in your way.

I know the road is not easy and the Door at the end is narrow, few will enter through it. Do not allow any one to hinder you to get through that narrow Door. Endure, no matter the price you have to pay to continue, don't give up. Take a stand. You know I promised: I will never leave you nor forsake you. I am with you to the end, to help in all your needs and obstacles.

My child I know all the hindrances you have to face, nothing is hidden from Me. You will only be able to make it, if you follow and trust Me. Let Me go before you to make a way, to straighten the crooked places, to open doors for you.

Nothing will stop Me from fulfilling My plans. I am God Almighty in control, I am able to do the impossible. My child, follow and obey Me and let nothing hinder you at this stage of the race. Press on and be steadfast.

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