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Forget - Received December 17, 2009

Forget – Received December 17, 2009

My child if you want to overcome and be victorious you must forget about your past, leave it behind you and press on towards your destiny. It is ahead of you not behind. You cannot change the past or do anything about it now, it is over, leave it behind. Concentrate on the future, to be with Me. Keep your focus on Me, there is hope for your future, if you forget about the past. Yesterday is done, tomorrow must still come and will have enough of its own troubles, concentrate on this day, today, take one day at a time.

Some of you are your own stumbling blocks, in the way of your own progress, because you keep on looking back to the former things, it distracts and frustrates you all the time. You occupied your mind with the past, your former pains, troubles, trials, temptations, sorrows, forget about them, they are behind you. Concentrate on today, this day will also have enough of its own troubles to deal with. Do not let all the mishaps of the past hold you back any longer in your walk with Me. Be steadfast and follow Me today, it is a new day.

Satan will for sure constantly remind you of past mistakes. Resist him until he flees from you. Give it no thought.

You will miss out if you keep on looking back to the former things. Your progress will also be slow or you will stagnate if you keep on looking back. Let go now and move ahead, follow Me. I will make a way for you, I will make the crooked places straight and I will open doors. Forget the former things but do not forget to seek for the new and you will receive.

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