Lord You Are-2010 Chuck Cordero

Worship song acknowledging God's Presence in our lives and our constant opportunities to worship Him.

Here are the words so that you can sing along:
Lord You are...everything to me
From the moment that I wake up
Until I go to sleep
Lord you are...my Bright and Shining Star
All through each day...You light my way
To show just where You are

When this life is over....
And we're standing face to Face
I'll run into my Father's Arms...
Surrounded by His Grace

Lord You are...worthy of my praise
You have rescued me...for eternity
And in Your Arms I'm safe
For a while I'll tarry here
Abiding in Your Word
Walking in Your Spirit Lord
And sharing what I've learned

Hallelujah... Alleluia...Glory, Glory Lord
You are beautiful my Jesus...
I will worship and adore
Hallelujah... Alleluia...Glory, Glory Lord
Hallelujah... Alleluia...Glory, Glory Lord
I will worship and adore You...
Glory to You Lord

Lord You are...the Lover of my soul
What a sacrifice...when You gave Your life
to lead me back to Yo

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