Psalm 119c - Gimel - I Am a Stranger on Earth

Section 3 of 22 set to music - Each verse of this section of Psalm 119 begins with Gimel, the third letter in the Hebrew alphabet. (High resolution version available at

We are dependent on the goodness of God for life, as the bones in Ezekiel chpt 37 must wait on the Word of the Lord for the breath of life. We are blind to the wonderful, awe inspiring things of the Law that reveal the depths of God's love for us. Except he open our eyes we will stumble around our daily lives trying to find meaning in the vain earthly things. Israel is a stranger on the earth, whether she acknowledges it right now or not. It is His unmerited favor (or no favor at all), and the nations hate that. See Eze 36 or Deut 9. We must have God REVEAL His plans to us or we cannot see His kingdom. Who among us can say that their soul is consumed with longing for His laws at all times? Especially that longing that does not puff us up with pride. Thankfully He DOES rebuke the arrogant, even if it is us, because He does not want us to be cursed for all eternity. He wants to give us LIFE, to remove scorn and contempt from our hearts and from forces without. If we must be slandered, may it be for righteousness sake, and not for straying from His commands - from His heart. We must let Him put the NEW heart within us (Ezek 36) so that we might TRULY delight in His statutes. What if there is only one way for that to take place? What if it means embracing the despised and rejected one who embraced the despised and rejected?

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