Risa Binder EPK

Risa Binder~ New York singer/songwriter artist, Recording in Nashville, TN<br />

John Oates, Don Hart, Lee Ann Womack, Joss Stone's drummer and producer, Kelly Sweet's guitar player- Dan Hagen, Omni Studios Nashville, Quad Studios/Nashville TN, Martina Mcbride's string arranger for &quot;In my daughter's eyes&quot;. Norah Jones guitar player, Memphis Stax records, Bob Ohlsson, Indie Arie, Hank williams Jr's pedal Steel player- Mike Daly, Jim Hoke-Sax, CMT/Tenessee Lottery producer Dan Hagen, University of North Texas Jazz studies program, Sub-ID,<br />
<br />
Risa Binder-Vocals<br />
Dan Hagen- guitar/producer<br />
Missi Hale-Harmonies<br />
Jim Hoke-Sax/horn arrangements<br />
Steve Herrman-Trumpet<br />
Dave Dunseath, Doug Belote-Drums<br />
Paul Chapman, Tim Marks, Alana Rocklin/Bass<br />
Sub-ID-Programmer<br />
Jody Nardone/Piano<br />
Mike Daly-Pedal Steel<br />
Mark Niemiec-Tracking and Mixing engineer<br />
Bob Ohlsson- Mastering engineer

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