Trained Pigs Pork Chop Revue Bring The Laughs On America's Got Talent

Trained Pigs Pork Chop Revue Bring The Laughs On America's Got Talent

On America’s Got Talent, trained pigs part of an act called Pork Chop Revue brought the laughs for the audience and judges.

Les Kimes and his wife, Nina, are from Florida and they brought their pig family to the America’s Got Talent stage to show off some tricks. The pigs even dressed up in some cute costumes for the occasion! Before the audition starts, one of the pigs roll out a long, red carpet. Then the different pigs, all ranging in size, performed tricks like jumping over hurdles, rolling barrels, and even pushing a baby pig in a stroller!

The impressive and comedic elements of the audition sure brought a smile to the faces of everyone watching the performance. And the act showed just how intelligent pigs are. They can be trained to do so many things!

Les’s father started Pork Chop Revue back in 1956, and he showed his act on Johnny Carson, Merv Griffin, and Mike Douglas’ shows. Les has been involved with Pork Chop Revue since he was a child, and he took over the show when his father died in 1979.

Before bringing Pork Chop Revue to America’s Got Talent, Les has brought the act to festivals, fairs, and theme parks all over the country.

It is exciting to see that this family act that has been around for decades is now being introduced to a new generation. And what a better way to do that than through American’s Got Talent, one of the most-watched shows on television!

By the looks of the judges and the audiences’ reaction, Pork Chop Revue was a success and brought laughs and smiles to all that viewed the audition! Les and Nina must be so proud of their sweet pigs, and we hope that they continue on in this competition.

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