Dominic Sola Sharing Some Thoughts

Dominic Sola Sharing Some Thoughts
Dominic and Nomi Sola live in the world of the supernatural. They
both have been set free from doctor's reports that spoke of their deaths.
They travel the world as international ministers bringing God's love,
hope, healing and empowering. They have seen blind eyes opened,
people, cities, and nations set free, eagles equipped and a multitude
of ministries birthed. Dominic is surly a Prophet and his wife an
intercessor and together they are pushing back the gates of hell,
raising up an army for the Lord and are filling heaven with saints.
Their passion is for people to be set free in the presence of God by
His love, filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered for exploits


Together we are used by the Lord to bring the Word of God,
with the power of the Holy Spirit to establish an atmosphere
where God's Glory fills the room and people step through the
Cross onto the Highway of Holiness. My wife and I have seen a
multitude of lives enter the Kingdom of God, hearts healed,
bodies healed, ministries built and churches, cities, and Nations changed!!