Traditions Spoil Faith

If you were to ask me how many windows are in our home, I could walk my way through the house in my imagination and give you a perfect count and placement. I could do the same for the number of doors. But I would have a difficult time giving you a description and a location for all the photographs and paintings, throughout the house. Oh, I know all about those special ones that I purposely look at each day, but the others just sort of blend into the furniture and the walls.
I can tell you all about the windows and the doors in our home because I look out each of the windows and open each of the doors on a regular basis. But, other than what I make a point of noticing, the artwork and photographs just sit on the furniture or hang on the walls, unnoticed.
That is the problem with our religious traditions. They are either sitting or hanging all around us to the extent that we don't even know why they are there or what purpose they serve.
Take what is commonly referred to as the Lord's Prayer. What is it about anyway? Does repeating it cover all the bases—regarding what God expects from us in prayer? In other words, when we've said this prayer are we done for the day, as far as God's requirements are concerned? Can we then go ahead and ask God for what we really want?

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