'Where The Bluegrass Grows' Steven Curtis Chapman Acoustic Performance

'Where The Bluegrass Grows' Steven Curtis Chapman Acoustic Performance

Award-winning recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman performs an acoustic rendition of ‘Where The Bluegrass Grows.’

This incredible song is part of Steven’s newest album, ‘Deeper Roots: Where the Bluegrass Grows.’ It features brand new music and re-recordings of some of our favorite Steven Curtis Chapman hits.

Steven grew up singing in church with his family. They would harmonize together to give beautiful praise to the Lord. Many of these memories helped inspire this latest album.

Steven wrote on his website saying, “The hymns and “Gospel songs” we sang together, filled with theology (even before I had ever heard that word) and truth about God’s grace and love, planted the seeds that would grow and become the “fruit” of so many of the songs I’ve written and recorded over the years.”

He previously released a bluegrass record in 2013 and ‘Deeper Roots: Where the Bluegrass Grows’ will serve as the sequel. The title track is all about where Steven came from and how that shaped his whole life.

“Well I come from a place where the bluegrass grows
Where the rivers run and the music flows
And I carry it with me everywhere I go
Cause underneath my skin
Well I've really always been
Just a boy who comes from where the bluegrass grows”

This is just one of 13 inspirational tracks available on the new album. I’m definitely looking forward to more great music from this fan-favorite Christian artist. Who else remembers singing in the church to the ‘old-school’ hymns just like Steven Curtis Chapman?