'Free' Riley Clemmons Lyric Video

'Free' Riley Clemmons Lyric Video

Talented Christian singer Riley Clemmons shares the lyric video for her latest single, ‘Free.’

Riley is an incredible up and coming contemporary Christian artist who rose on the charts with her 2017 song ‘Broken Prayers.’ Since that time, this 19-year-old vocalist has gained millions of fans all over the world and was even named as one of SoundExchange’s 2018 Year End Top 20 Breakout Artists.

Riley’s inspirational songs and unique voice make her a standout Christian artist. Today, she’s sharing her newest song and the words remind us all that we have been set free by God.

“Living like I'm free
I'm not gonna let the past keep holding me
No matter what tomorrow brings
I'm never going back again
I'm only looking up ahead
I hear You telling me
It's time to start living like I'm free”

Even when we may be in the middle of storm or dark moment, it’s so important to remember that God is with us each step of the way. He will be our guiding voice to lead us home.

“You called me from this mess
You put my fear to rest
I am not locked up anymore
You are the reason why
I'm coming back to life
All of my chains are on the floor”

The Lord has blessed our lives in so many ways. When Jesus died on the cross, we were freed from our Earthly chains. Now, we will live out our eternal days in Heaven. ‘Free’ is the perfect worship song to give praise to His name. Who else agrees?

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