Father Rushes To Rescue 3-Year-Old Son Who Falls In Manhole

Father Rushes To Rescue 3-Year-Old Son Who Falls In Manhole

It was a terrifying sight captured on camera when this father watched his young son fall into a manhole.

This 3-year-old boy was walking with his family in Southwest China when he stepped onto a broken manhole. The young boy spots the hole and even stops to inspect it before taking the frightening step. The toddler immediately fell into the well below.

That’s when his dad rushed into action and moved to rescue the frightened boy. The security camera footage shows the dad try to reach down and grab the child. But he is unable to reach the boy.

Then, with the help of some bystanders, the father dives into the manhole to scoop up his son. The strangers hold on to the dad and help pull him back up, as he clutches his little boy. This horrific accident all happened within a matter of seconds, but dad’s quick thinking saved his toddler.

Thankfully, the little boy only suffered from some scrapes and bruises and is expected to recover. There’s no doubt that this dad is nothing short of a hero. He wasn’t going to let anything stand in the way of saving his son.

When you have children, ordinary objects can become big dangers and it’s so important to remain alert, just like this father. When a crisis arose, he was able to quickly leap into action and do what he needed to rescue the poor boy. I’m sure this will be an experience that the family never forgets.