The Romanov Royal Martyrs | Official Trailer

The Romanov Royal Martyrs | Official Trailer

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Product Details

Paperback: 512 pages
Full-Color Photo Insert: 56 pages
Publisher: Mesa Potamos Projects
Language: English
Product Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm

Book Description

Based strictly on primary sources, the book The Romanov Royal Martyrs: What Silence Could Not Conceal is a unique biography that offers previously unpublished texts in English from letters, testimonies, diaries, memoirs and other sources.

The work’s aim is to inspire the readers by presenting the lives of the Royal Martyrs through a different prism, the prism of their spiritual grandeur and the purity of their noble souls. In the pages of the book, the eye of the reader’s mind will be apprised of the portraits of the Royal Martyrs’ psyche, depicted with the liveliest colors: the colors of their very own words from the personal writings of the family and of those who lived very close to them. Thus, the book consists a psychographic biography, which aims in presenting the deeper essence of the characters of the royal family in an inspiring way.

Furthermore, the work brings to light a multitude of unknown and unrevealed facts, aspects and elements of history, which evince that many truths in regard to the life and martyrdom of the Royal Martyrs remain silenced or distorted to this day. The book presents unvarnished factually sourced events, deriving all its material stringently from primary sources, which allow no grounds for questioning their legitimacy, gravity and validity. Thus, many major historical events, such as the 1905 revolution and Bloody Sunday, Russia’s involvement in World War I, the February coup d’état of 1917 and the events relating to Nicholas’ II abdication, are set in their true proportions and are presented through a proper prospective. Readers may be surprised by the facts surrounding these historical events, because up to now these events have generally been presented in an inaccurate light.

Among the historians who worked on the project are Nicholas B.A. Nicholson, Helen Azar, and Helen Rappaport, all noted specialists in Romanov history. The book features a full-colour photo insert, including high-quality colorized pictures of the Romanovs published for the first time in printed form. The colorization was made by the acclaimed Russian artist Olga Shirnina.


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