Important Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Important Safety Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Experts and fellow travelers share their safety tips for women who are traveling solo. In today’s world, a lot of crazy things can happen in an instant. You have to super careful about your surroundings and your possessions.

With advanced technology and social media, you are a much easier target, but there are ways to protect yourself. A study from shows that nearly 72 percent of female travelers go alone.

While women shouldn’t be afraid to explore the world’s many wonders, this also puts them in a vulnerable position. Even when we may feel safe, you never know what dangers are lurking around. One female traveler said that when she gets to a hotel room, she always makes sure that the windows are locked and that the door closes and locks properly.

Kelly Lewis, the founder of the women's tour group, also had some words of wisdom. "Make sure you are aware of your surroundings. You are seeing who is near you, who is looking at you, where your things are, where you are going. You have to be present in what you are doing.”

There is also safety in numbers. If you choose to travel solo, consider using a tour group or finding group activities once you arrive at your destination. There are numerous social media apps that can also track your GPS location and share this with family and friends.

These are just a few of the safety reminders that we should all pay attention to. This helpful information could truly save a life.