Comedian Explains Why Walking on Dead Leaves Is 'Exercise'

Comedian Explains Why Walking on Dead Leaves Is 'Exercise'

In a funny monologue, comedian Jim Gaffigan shares his take on hiking and how he’s come around to the idea of why walking on dead leaves can be considered exercise.

“I’d like to talk to you about hiking,” Jim starts off with pictures of nature showing up behind him on screen. “Some of you may know I’m not a huge outdoorsman or generally a fan of movement.” Then a comedic picture of him lying on the couch appears in the video. “So, therefore, you wouldn’t think I’m a hiker, and I’m not. Well, I wasn’t,” he shares.

“Hiking may be ridiculous, but we live in ridiculous times,” Jim says with his dead-pan humor. “Companies like REI, Eastern Mountain Sports, North Face, and Patagonia are aware of this. They’re probably cleaning up during the pandemic. What previously made hiking so bizarre and pointless only makes hiking appealing during this age of corona.”

Jim continues: “When you go hiking, there is no bar, restaurant, or even a vending machine. Which today is sadly preferred. Social distancing is built into hiking. There’s no crowd. You can safely hike with your mask down for an extended period of time like it’s 2019 or some bygone era. Hiking is just rambling through the woods, but somehow, it’s considered exercise. Unlike running or weightlifting, hiking is pleasant and almost meditative.”

As Jim talks about his newfound appreciation for hiking, videos of his children going on a hike with him play on the screen. “I’m not sure why walking on dead leaves counts as exercise, but I’ll take it. I know whenever I return from a hike, I’m allowed to eat whatever I want. Hiking somehow makes you a better parent. It’s a covid safe activity you can do outside and away from your home with your kids,” he says. “I mainly hike with my children, because it makes them tired, I mean, allows me to spend quality time with them.”

During this pandemic, I’m sure a lot of people have discovered a new love for the outdoors, even people who would have never considered themselves “outdoorsy” before, like Jim Gaffigan. I hope his take on his new hiking hobby was able to bring a smile to your face today!

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