'Rescue' Lauren Daigle Starstuck Sessions

'Rescue' Lauren Daigle Starstuck Sessions

Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Lauren Daigle leads us in worship with ‘Rescue.’

These stunning words remind us that God will always be by our side.

“There is no distance that cannot be covered
Over and over You're not defenseless
I'll be your shelter, I'll be your armor”

Lauren Daigle is a multi-talented Christian singer and songwriter. In just a few short years, Lauren Daigle has truly made a name for herself as one of the most influential Christian artists of the modern era. She has given us hits like ‘You Say’ and ‘Trust In You’ and her powerful lyrics and unique voice resonate with both the secular and Christian music scene.

Today, she is performing a very special rendition of her blockbuster song ‘Rescue.’ Recorded at Starstruck Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, this performance is full of worship and love for our Lord.

“I will send out an army to find you in the middle of the darkest night
It's true, I will rescue you
I will never stop marching to reach you in the middle of the hardest fight
It's true, I will rescue you”

No matter what troubles we may face, stand tall knowing that the strength of the Lord is by our side. When His army is with us, who can stand against us?

Isaiah 40:28 “Have you not known? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He does not faint or grow weary; his understanding is unsearchable.”

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