2 Cops Save The Day When Out Of Control Car Pins Mom And Baby

2 Cops Save The Day When Out Of Control Car Pins Mom And Baby

In this incredible story, two cops save the day when they rescue a mom and baby pinned down by an out-of-control car.

A mom was holding her infant while crossing the street when the unthinkable happened. An out-of-control car hits her and her child as it barrels in a barber shop. In the video, the mom tries to run out of harm’s way, but it is too late. She ended up getting pinned against a wall at the back of the barber shop, and her daughter became trapped under the car. How terrifying!

Right next door to the barber shop were two cops who were sitting inside a deli shop. As soon as they saw the car smash into the building next door, they went rushing to the scene.

Paul Samoyedny and Rocco Fusco are the Yonkers, New York police officers that reacted in a split second. And their body cam footage shows the drama that unfolded at the scene while they were helping the mom and trying to save the baby.

It is a hard video to watch as you hear the little girl screaming under the car. In an effort to lift up the car, civilians joined the two cops, and together, they were able to raise the car up just high enough for Paul to crawl through glass to get the child.

“I was just glad that the baby was crying and moving,” Paul said when asked what he was thinking when he got to the baby girl.

Thankfully, the mom and baby survived the terrible crash. The mother had to get leg surgery, and the baby had to get back surgery for her skin that was burnt in the accident. But they will be able to make a full recovery.

God bless these two police officers who saved the day with their quick actions!

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