Where Do I Fit In?' Justin Bieber Worships With Chandler Moore And Judah Smith

Where Do I Fit In?' Justin Bieber Worships With Chandler Moore And Judah Smith

Listen to this worship set where Justin Bieber sings ‘Where Do I Fit In?’ alongside Chandler Moore And Judah Smith.

“When the day is over and those thoughts set in, that’s when I start to wonder where do I fit in?
But then You remind me that You’re holding me tight, You say the past is behind me
And it’ll be alright, and You say to me, it’ll be alright, When I’m all alone and fear is all I see
Sitting in the silence with these insecurities, it's then You remind me, You’re holding me tight”

In this video, Justin Bieber is co-leading a worship session at Judah Smith's church, Churchome, in Kirkland, Washington. And Chandler Moore of Maverick City Music is alongside him.

The song featured in this video is called ‘Where Do I Fit In?,’ and it is from his newly released gospel EP titled ‘Freedom.’ Tori Kelly, Chandler Moore, and Judah Smith are all featured on this song about having faith and trust in God.

It is a beautiful song with a great melody, and the lyrics remind us of how God is always right there with us. Even in our darkest days, our Heavenly Father never leaves us. He holds us steady with His hand. Whenever we feel lost, we can just look to Him for guidance and love.

After Justin Bieber and Chandler Moore finish singing ‘Where Do I Fit In?,’ Judah Smith comes on stage to close out the song. He reminds us that God’s mercies are new every morning, and that changes everything. Because He holds our future and we are not defined by our past, everything will be alright.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to this new song from Justin Bieber, and that it was able to encourage you today. Let it stand as a reminder that God’s presence changes everything. He designed us with a plan and a purpose.

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