Shane Michael Taylor - I'm Giving In

Shane Michael Taylor - I'm Giving In

Shane Michael Taylor is a remarkable man who has overcome obstacles and transcended physical limitations to become a respected author, songwriter, and motivational speaker. Shane navigates the world in a wheelchair battling daily with communication hurdles as a result of being born with a severe form of cerebral palsy, a developmental disorder affecting movement, speech, and posture. Making excuses, however, was never an option for this Waterbury, CT native, who taught himself to type with his nose at the age of five.

Fueled by his lifelong love of country music and an unrelenting desire to shatter stereotypes, Shane earned a college degree in Music Business and began making frequent visits to Nashville to co-write with prominent Music City songwriters like Lorna Flowers and Mason Douglas.

Shane is living out his life purpose by using his creativity and enthusiasm to inspire and entertain people through music, books, and lectures to live life to its fullest potential.

Shane Michael Taylor’s I’m Giving In music video is centered around dishonest practices that are prevalent in the licensed caregiver industry, but are rarely talked about. Shane has created learning workshops tackling these topics to both raise awareness and promote change with caregivers and their clients. The video release event included a Q&A portion with Shane that discussed topics including Shane’s journey with spastic cerebral palsy, how he got his start as a songwriter in Nashville and common misconceptions about the caregiver/healthcare industry.

Quote from Shane: “As an artist, I feel that it is a privilege to be able to take personal experiences and use them to connect with the world. Hopefully, to help people not feel alone. This is such a personal song and I never thought it would be a single until I moved to Nashville and had some pretty tough experiences. Suddenly, it occurred to me that I could use this song as a vehicle to create awareness on a subject that very often gets ignored or swept under the rug. I always have to trust other people with my life and that can become a breeding ground for abuse. I have been in these situations too many times, but always have been able to speak up. So, I felt the need to somehow give a voice to those who might experience similar situations, but may be too weak or too scared to speak up. I really feel blessed as an artist to be able to shine a light for those who may not necessarily be able to speak up for themselves due to their current conditions. We often don’t think about this, but suicidal thoughts do not discriminate by age and I think this video showcases that.”


Label: Platinum Horse Nashville
Songwriters: Shane Michael Taylor, Anthony Drugan, Gene Rabbai
Songwriter IPI: SESAC# 00633471456
Publishers: Platinum Horse Publishing,
Publishers IPI: SESAC #633346458

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