'Never Forget' Rascal Flatt's Gary LeVox Featuring Jonathan McReynolds

'Never Forget' Rascal Flatt's Gary LeVox Featuring Jonathan McReynolds

The lyric video for ‘Never Forget’ Rascal Flatt’s Gary LeVox featuring Jonathan McReynolds is out!

Since Rascal Flatt’s decided to retire, its lead singer, Gary LeVox began working on solo music. Although he and his bandmates are still friends, he’s thankful that he can finally call all of the shots on the music -- and he’s doing an outstanding job!

His new country Christian album is called ‘One on One’ and combines all of the music he grew up learning and loving. His childhood was filled with bluegrass and gospel, so he’s trying to return to his roots in his solo career. His first musical performance was in his church’s play when he was 8 years old!

A handful of the songs from his new album feature other Christian artists. Jonathan McReynolds teamed up with Gary for this beautiful song.

Jonathan McReynolds is a 30-year-old musician from Chicago who has been making music for almost 10 years. His fame has grown a lot in the past five years or so, during which he released his first full-length album, ‘People’ along with other music.

Jonathan tries to make music that isn’t like every other contemporary Christian song. He has been successful so far and received three Grammy nominations. His efforts are paying off, and he is crossing the boundaries of contemporary Christian music.

This new song from Gary and Jonathan centers around being grateful for God’s sacrifice every day because we only live thanks to Jesus. A lot of the clips in the video feature nature, and that theme lets you focus on the meaning of the music rather than the video itself.

It’s important that each and every day we remember to thank God for sacrificing his only son for us. Even when we get caught up in the action of life, we need to prioritize God above all else.

I don’t think I will ever get tired of hearing Gary LeVox sing. Thank goodness he is continuing to share his talent!

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