'Unraveling' Cory Asbury Official Music Video

'Unraveling' Cory Asbury Official Music Video

Check out this stunning music video of the song ‘Unraveling’ by Cory Asbury.

“I’m coming apart at the seams, everyone’s pulling at me, and I am unraveling
This smile isn’t quite what it seems, but it does well to hide what’s beneath
Where the pressure is staggering
In the unraveling, Father, unravel me, when I can’t feel a thing, have mercy and let me bleed
I know it’s dumb, but I have been numb for way too long”

These lyrics written by Cory Asbury are so raw and real, and they show us true, human feelings. And many of Cory’s fans related to it and expressed their thoughts about the song online.

“Thank you for sharing your love of Jesus Christ and your hurting so that we can know we are not alone. May God bless you always,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the music video.

“This stirs my heart in a way that's hard to describe. So raw. So authentic,” writes another person online. “Oh, how He loves us in all our imperfections.”

“Another jewel of a song. I love and relate to this,” says another person. “Thanks Cory for baring your heart in music.”

Not only is the song beautiful, but the video is so lovely as well. While there are a few close ups of Cory singing the lyrics of the song, the majority of the video shows a talented ballet dancer moving across the screen.

The ballet dancer is seen dancing around an empty room that is filled with sunlight pouring in from large windows all around her. She is also seen dancing on a rooftop while the sun is setting.

The ballet themed video suits the song completely. The movements and choreography in the dance are filled with passion and emotion and express the feeling of the song so well.

We hope that this song touched your heart and was able to encourage you in some way today!

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