College Trombone Player Nails His Solo Performance And The Crowd Goes Wild

College Trombone Player Nails His Solo Performance And The Crowd Goes Wild

Music can be very exciting, especially when you are the one delivering the tunes. This college trombone player nails his solo performance and the crowd goes wild.

This performance happened at the Benedict College homecoming last year in October. Huge scores of people cheer and move as their bands deliver music to the crowd. They represent Benedict College well in their trombone competition against the competitor, Miles College.

The football teams walk across the field. Cheerleaders rest on the bleachers along with fans, students and their families there to celebrate the day.

This scene is very reminiscent of a life before pandemic, but also shows something to hope for after the crisis has passed.

The trombone player starts playing with his band from the bleachers.

When the one guy begins his solo feature as his band plays alongside him, people don’t initially react. But once the music lands with the crowd, they get wild. People turn and cheer, nodding their heads along with the music. Then they cheer the band on until the music finishes.

Homecoming is always that special day of college where you celebrate school pride, enjoy good food, watch a good sports game, and of course listen to good music.

Benedict College is located in Columbia, South Carolina. This institution is a liberal arts school, founded in 1870 by Bathesheba A. Benedict.

The school started under the spiritual direction of the American Baptist Home Mission Society, headed by Bathesheba. $13,000 was given toward buying the original 80-acre plantation to serve as a place of learning for newly freed brown Americans.

Today the college continues to operate with the majority of its student body consisting of brown Americans, about 34 baccalaureate programs, and around 2,100 students enrolled.