Sweet Girl Has Emotional Reaction To Disney's The Good Dinosaur

Sweet Girl Has Emotional Reaction To Disney's The Good Dinosaur

We’ve probably all teared up over a favorite movie so we can understand where this sweet girl is coming from when she gets so emotional watching Disney’s ‘The Good Dinosaur’ movie!

It’s a pretty relatable feeling to get emotional while watching a show or a movie. Especially when the movie is well made and really gets you into the characters! There was recently a video put on Facebook of a girl who was watching The Good Dinosaur.

The Good Dinosaur is a popular 2015 children’s movie that follows a young cave boy called “Spot”, and a young green dinosaur named “Arlo.”

In the movie, there is a scene that is rather stressful. It is the part in the movie where “Poppa Dinosaur” is separated from his son. And this is the scene the little girl is watching in the viral video of her reaction.

It is very obvious that the little girl wants the family to be safe and back together again. You can tell this sweet girl’s heart strings are tugged while her mother listens to her explanation on why she is upset over the dinosaurs being separated.

The mom on the video was heard asking the poor wet eyed little girl, “What happened?” The child’s response was a simple, “He's sad, he fell off.” This left the little girl very distraught over the possibly injured green dinosaur.

The woman is heard once again being very sympathetic towards the little girl and explained that that he was okay. Next, the woman told the girl to say, “Get up dinosaur!” The girl repeated, “Get up dinosaur!” She watched with anticipation, but was still not convinced.

On the screen, the green dinosaur was seen getting up and she seemed to be so relieved. She then said, ”that made me sad,” and wiped her face feeling a little bit better. No one wants to be separated from their family! Hopefully, the rest of this movie was more enjoyable for the little girl and she doesn’t feel emotional anymore. I for one am hoping for a happy ending!