Take Another Look -- an original song

Take Another Look -- an original song

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Joe C. Ellis

This is an original song my son, Joseph wrote. It has a great Easter message. My daughter, Sarah, is singing.

Here are the lyrics:

Take another look,

Take another good hard look at me.

Wait another day,

Wait another month,

Wait another year,

Wait another lifetime

For me to come around.

Take another chance,

Do another dance with me.

Sing another song,

Write another poem,

Do another good deed,

And I might see.


When my world is falling,

Who will show me what I need?

When my world is falling,

Who will show me love?

Give it one more shot,

Give it all you've got,

Sacrifice for me.

Say another prayer

Give me one more prayer,

One more prayer might be all I need.

When there's nothing to hold onto,

Who will still be standing strong?

When my world is falling,

Will you be the sign pointing to God?

Answer one more call,

Take another fall for me.

I've sprung another leak,

Will you turn the other cheek

For me, friend?

Take ano