Big Elephant Wants To Play With Cat

Big Elephant Wants To Play With Cat

All of God’s creatures are truly amazing. There’s no doubt that He put so much time and thought into each animal and they all bring something unique to this Earth.

One of the most regal animals of them all is the elephant. Sometimes, people look at elephants as big and scary but they can also be some of the most calm and gentle creatures you will ever meet. At times, they can even take on human traits. All of these words and more could accurately describe Faa Mai, an elephant at the Elephant Nature Park. She may look large and intimidating, but this sweet girl has a heart of gold.

Recently, she was exploring her surroundings when she came across a cat in the park. This furry feline looks so tiny compared to the majestic elephant, but Faa Mai couldn’t help but notice the little cat. And the only thing this huge creature wanted to do was play with the cat.

Just watch as Faa Mai continues to try and get closer to the furry friend and get his attention. She walks back and forth and even kicks up some dirt trying to coerce this tiny cat into playing with her. But despite all of her best efforts, the feline is perfectly content just watching the elephant.

It’s obvious that Faa Mai is just a kid at heart and it’s so adorable to watch her interact with other animals. And maybe one day, after some warming up, this cat with want to play with Faa Mai too.

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