Funny Struggle To Say Bye To A Southern Granny

If you have a Southern Granny you know that leaving them is no easy task. In this hilarious “Escape Room” crossover spoof, a young couple prepares to win the unofficial title of champion after completely their puzzle challenge before time is up. But it’s the last challenge that proves the hardest of all - escaping the Southern Grandmother!

“Are ya’ll hungry, why don’t you let me cook you somethin’ up before ya’ll have to leave?”

With those words, anyone who has ever known a Southern Grandma knows that it’s all over. There goes the schedule. It’s time to sit back, relax and no matter what, don’t look at the clock!

In this hilarious video, after eating what appeared to be a filling Grandma-sized meal, the couple try to leave. 30 minutes has passed and they are about to lose their challenge. And then it hits, the Grandma guilt.

“Awww, are you sure ya gotta go? Why don’t you just sit and visit for a while?"

And then out comes the sweet tea! Who can resist Granny’s tea? (Tell the truth, no one! Forget trying to diet or live sugar free in Grandma’s house!) Knowing their only chance is a speedy escape, the couple go to leave while Granny is refilling their glasses. Just when escape is within reach….

“Now I know you ain’t leavin’ here without givin’ me a hug!”

This couple doesn’t stand a chance! Oh, the long Southern Granny goodbyes! We all love our grandmas, and if you are so lucky to have a South-of-the-Mason-Dixon-line-Granny you’re truly blessed. But we also know that every trip to Grandma’s we would “pad” our leaving time. If we needed to be out by 6pm, we surely told everyone 4pm! Thank God for Granny’s that keep us full, loved, and help us to slow down and enjoy our family!

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