Funny News Anchor Shares His Makeup Routine

Funny News Anchor Shares His Makeup Routine

Cincinnati news anchor is a viral sensation after his hilarious camera makeup tutorial was posted online. Bob Herzog is a 43-year-old on air news anchor for "Good Morning Cincinnati.” When you work in television, you have to wear makeup because of the lights and camera. Even the men put on a little bit of concealer or bronzer to combat the harsh studio lights. Each morning, this upbeat news anchor goes through his own makeup routine. But today, he decided to let the public in on the entire process.

It all started with Bob wanting to make a fun video to brighten people’s day and that’s exactly what happened. Just watch as he starts to unzip his makeup bag and begins his application process. "This, as I understand it, is called concealer. It is for concealing things, like the ridiculous circles under my eyes.” Bob narrates the entire video and it will have you rolling with laughter as he explains what each product is used for. One of my favorite parts is when he opens his mouth wide to apply some more concealer. “I make this face and I dunno why. Everyone does it when you put on makeup.” And I’m not the only one that enjoyed this hilarious tutorial.

Over 60 million people have watched Bob and his funny techniques across social media. Now, this talented news anchor makes regular videos where he aims to put a smile on everyone’s face. What did you think of this makeup tutorial? Are you laughing as hard as I am?

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