Pacifism is Antichrist!

Pacifism is Antichrist!

Pacifism is a belief that ALL war & violence is wrong. We are not teaching here that all wars and violence is right. There is the world’s way and the right way (the biblical way). We are NOT promoting you should become a violent, "macho" person… We are not for that either. Pacifists however can be bullies without using ONE FIST. Ghandi was a pacifist, an antichrist wicked man. Johnny Rotten, one of the most wicked rock stars, claims to be a pacifist. This does not make you a Christian. Biblical pacifism is not non-resistance. Pacifism is an attack on God ordained law enforcement and if you believe in it, you are heading to an eternal hellfire! Study notes including a few hours of audio study and hundreds of verses are at this link

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