Student Choirs Sing The National Anthem At Hotel

Garrett Mager was in for a treat when he checked in to the Hyatt Regency in Louisville. He had no clue that all of the schools competing in the Kentucky State Choir Finals were staying at his hotel.

He woke up in his room to a lot of noise going on in the lobby. When he stepped outside, he witnessed the most amazing sight. Choir students were gathered on every single floor and they were singing The National Anthem. When you hear all of these voices combine for this powerful song, there's no doubt that you will have chills. It's truly an amazing moment to witness and I'm so glad that Garrett was able to capture all of this on camera. Moments like this truly make you swell with pride for our future generation.

Despite being competitors, they all came together for this special performance and it's touching people all over the country. This a cappella performance has been viewed over 30 million times. And one listen to these talented voices and you'll understand exactly why!

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