Downunder 2012

Crisp. Sharp. Beautifully crafted. And thats just the album cover. Its Downunder music at its best. With a mix of musical genres that quickly quells the familiar feeling of being lumped with a lack of diversity. Its like that great recipe where everything just works; Parachute Band, C3 Oxford Falls, Rapture Ruckus, Endless Praise, Grant Norsworthy, Mike Rayson and Andy James Court. Mix the familiar with new such as MarKia with his Justin Timberlake sound, Northie adding dubstep to this years compilation and AMEON bringing Downunder its first mashup of a few familiar Hillsong tracks. A dollop of favourites such as Melissa Otto, perfectly blended with the likes of Hello Ghost from The Rescue Verse whose similarities to Owl City are astounding And to top it off theres Joel Procter with his tune As one that hit number seven on the iTunes inspirational chart. Downunder 2012 has something for everyone No more itchy trigger finger poised to fast forward tracks you dont like. Bravo to this double compilation, loaded with 32 inspiring tracks to kick back and swing your legs to. So recline in your favourite piece of upholstery and take it easy you are in good hands with Downunder 2012. But don't just take our word for it click the video link and enjoy the album preview. Buy it here: 2012&stype=title#

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