Change Your Ways - Spring

Change Your Ways was written in 2000 and takes it's place as the last piece of the Alpha. It was originally recorded with guitar and vocals and appeared on the 2008 release of the Alpha & Omega Suite. It has since been scored and arranged in both the Autumn and Winter versions of the Seasons. In June of 2012 I picked the song to be the first arrangement to go into the Spring version of the Seasons. This is the arrangement which is referred to as 'Heavenly Guitars' since it uses a wide variety of guitars and other stringed instruments.

The video's art has been produced from various parts of my life. It is a consortium of original pieces gathered from different parts of the world where I have lived or traveled. It is used as 'eye candy' to go along with the melodic music and strong lyrics.

Change Your Ways emphasizes one of the most important doctrines to be found in the Bible, and one that goes fully hand-in-hand with the gospel of Christ... the all important doctrine of repentance. W

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