Where Freedom's Found- Dylan Meinburg

Where Freedom's Found:

Verse 1:
I never thought it'd ever be, I'm living in the little world of me.
As the day sets again, selfish gain becomes my sin.
Good intentions are my foe, I want to harvest but never sow.
My act of will comes from pride, leaving no one by my side.

In You I find my strength.
In You I find my peace.
In You I find myself.
For in You, that's where freedom's found.

Verse 2:
I've been tested, I've been tried. I find in myself a ruthless guide.
Taking steps to be my best, it never helps, I fail the test.
Self desire has no end, as if I'm chasing rainbows with my friend.
I receive but I want more. This addiction is an endless shore.

Verse 1 (2x), Chorus, Verse 2, Chorus (repeat)

Song recorded on garageband and uses no computer instruments.
Special thanks to Worrawee Yingyongyos for helping with video recording.
God bless!

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