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Sinners are NOT WELCOME

The notion that the church should be open to welcoming the sinner into its midst without requiring repentance is not correct. God's position on this is laid out in scripture.
Lev. 10: 1-10 states how God regards those who come before him offering profane things. This is also recorded in Ezekiel 44: 23

The difference between what is holy and what is unholy is knowing what is of God and what is not of God.
The result of offering something unholy to God is that his name is profaned; Ezekiel 22:26

An unrighteous, unrepentant person cannot offer anything to God and hope to have it accepted. God regards this as noted in the passage; Isaiah 65:6

Remember the evil son who is to be stoned to death? Duet. 21:18-21
What abnout the sin of Achan after the battle of Jericho? Joshua 7:7-13.

God is serious about his OWN people and sin. So why allow someone in the midst of the assembly who is not even saved and refuses to repent?

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